Customer behavior has changed. Branches are no longer a weekly stop on a customer’s to do list, instead they can fulfill most of what they need through self service options. The purpose of the branch must evolve to this new environment.



Where should you locate your branches & ATMs? 

We will evaluate your current branch and ATM networks to determine areas for growth, reduction or repositioning so that you can efficiently service customers, increase sales and identify key high opportunity markets.

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What type of branch should you have?

Each branch format should be dictated by your market and location. By reviewing your current format mix we can recommend enhancements aimed at optimizing the real estate spend to match market opportunity and customer segmentation preferences.

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What is the most cost effective branch type? 

This cost effective state of the art format showcases your brand. It’s modular design allows for rapid deployment and portability to new locations or markets. We analyze your market, perform site selection, build the branch, perform site work and outfit with cutting edge technology.

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How many branches do you really need? 

By providing a full analysis of your branch performance we can identify consolidation or closure opportunities that may be due to low performance, customer transaction pattern shifts, or competitive threats.

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How do you reinvest effectively? 

We can create a process that allows for renovation or conversion investments to be prioritized based on age, volume, competition, market opportunity, or brand enhancement.

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