The format of a branch was established in the 1960’s with multiple teller lines, large lobbies, and several offices. This results in high real estate costs and a high percentage of employees focusing on servicing instead of sales.

The branch format needs to evolve to the new self service and sales environment.



We designed the recent innovative Technology Branches for a large top 10 bank located in the southeast. This successful branch format resulted in:

  • 4X Self Serve Adoption
  • High double digit sales growth
  • Thousands of Guest Wi-Fi sign-ons a month
  • Significant Double Digit Self Serve Teller Transactions

Let us help you save 15-20% on your real estate expenses and create the necessary capacity for your team to focus on sales growth.

We will start by evaluating the current mix of branch format types and provide recommendations on the optimal blend of Flagship, Hub, Spoke, and In Store locations.

Customer experience is transitioning from over the counter face to face interactions, to a shoulder to shoulder experience with Universal Bankers that provide solutions.

We have the answers to help you along the journey to the next phase in financial services.

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