The investment Request Process is directly linked to the Strategic Plan, creating a disconnect between the Line of Business and Technology Groups. The constrained timelines of annual planning puts at risk the viability of accurately scoping, sizing and pricing out large technology projects.


This creates a cycle of disappointment, as projects aren’t delivered in the time specified or the cost has expanded beyond feasibility. This forces the Line of Business to develop work around solutions that don’t fully integrate into existing systems.

When projects are finished, you end up with solutions that fail at optimizing the front, middle and backend systems.

We have worked in Financial Planning & Analysis for 3 of the top ten banks, where we have successfully aligned strategic and long term capital investments.


We will partner directly with key internal resources to perform a gap analysis that will identify the key pain points. This will assist us to craft a high level calendar, establish team structure, and provide cost estimates. The results will feed into your annual strategic planning cycle to provide a multi-year capital investment plan.


We’ve been everywhere in the universe when it comes to planning and we know how difficult it is to ensure everything stays on course.

By reviewing your annual operational work plans and prior year strategic plan, we can identify the gaps in schedule, scope, resources and technology. This will enable us to develop the new processes and timelines necessary to improve current and future alignment with your long-term strategic goals.


You don’t want to spend time on throwaway solutions, this is why a long-term investment roadmap is so important.  It will prioritize and sequence your projects over a multi-year time horizon.  This will ensure proper system integration, minimize technology expense, and enable the incorporation of competitor product enhancements.

We will partner with your internal resources to analyze your channel investments against multiple variables to create a repeatable process for annual strategic planning.  This will fully leverage your technology resources and enable the highest return on capital invested across multiple channels.

We understand the challenges with developing a repeatable, multi-year, quality OMNI Channel Technology Roadmap.  Give us a call and we can help you untangle the knot.

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