The branch sales process was built for a pre digital time when people would seek out a live person to solve their financial issues. Today, our interaction is both digital and physical but financial institutions rarely have a strategy to integrate them effectively.


We can provide the direction and recommendations to incorporate successful digital capabilities into your current and future branch formats that will fit seamlessly within your sales, servicing and consultation processes.


We understand the importance of diversifying your sales capabilities in order to expand your brand reach and capitalize on your digital channel investments.  The online lead generation process isn’t generally well defined resulting in lost sales opportunities. Our lead generation process integrates the digital and physical channels to leverage existing relationships and increase cross sell opportunities.



The contact center has grown from a telephone based environment to include email and chat functionality.  Adisconnect often exists between the contact center and the other channels.  By creating an integrated strategy that leverages the strengths of the IVR/contact center you can create a cost effective outbound sales capability, concentrate on customer education as well as provide digital channel support.



Your branch format should be conducive to the type of branch needed in each market.  Proper flow can be the difference between a servicing branch and a sales branch.  Most branches today are built for simple servicing when they should be leading the facilitation of digital education and evolving towards a sales and consultation model. The right format assists employees by driving conversations with customers on solutions rather than low value transactions.


Proper Channel alignment improves the sales process and provides the necessary synergies to increase revenue.

Having achieved these results at several institutions we are here to do the same for you.


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